Our Elegant Beads

Beads are among the most interesting symbols in Yoruba African culture. The colors and sizes, the significance of the materials chosen for waist are subjective; the person making the waist beads symbolize their perception, experience, feelings, beliefs, desires, and influence. Traditionally unmarried women of the Yoruba tribe wear an ileke also known as waist beads or waist chains. Waist beads are romantic, fashionable and attract attention to the waist by making the waist appear slimmer and bringing out the curves of the hips. Waist beads were and still are worn for seduction. For some, the beads possess intimate appeal and can provoke desire in men. Some women use waist beads to watch their weight, as in when it is tight on them they will know that they are gaining weight. Unlike clothing, the strings do not stretch; they break or roll up the waist with increased girth. So in an absence of scales as a means of weight measurement.

Our Eye-catching Cloths

West African Prints from Ghana can be sewn into dresses, tops, skirts, blazers, and different designs as you please. It can also be made into head scarfs. It's great for men clothing as well!!

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Not sure where to start? Purchase our most popular and bestselling beads, loved by beaders everywhere!
Prices range from $5 to $8.

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Our collection of well designed African prints which can be used by both men and women for head scarfs, dresses, pants, cover-ups, shirts, shorts and anything else you please!
Each cloth is priced at $30/6yds.

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